Typical product of the Marche Region, it includes a narrow oenological area located in the Southern-central part of the region that stretches from the Apennines to the sea and from the River Tronto to the River Potenza; this area belongs to the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Macerata. In this territory the wine is obtained following old production methods and ageing techniques capable of producing a drink with particular organoleptic characteristics: smooth, with a flavour of raisin, warm not only for taste but for the eyes, unique for the feeling of wellness it gives after the tasting.

The name in dialect is “vicotto”. It is a very ancient drink where you can find all the elements of our tradition and culture: the must, obtained from white grapes (pecorino, passerine, pagadebito, cacciò, maceratina, gaglioppa), is boiled at direct fire in a big copper pot till a third of it evaporates. The concentrate is put into oak barrels, where, after the fermentation, it is aged for years filling it up at each harvest with the new one.