In the ‘30s, Giuseppe Virgili, thank to his passion and to the knowledge handed down from generations, has turned the Vicotto from a home consumption product to a commercial product. The grapes grown in his vineyard were processed in his cellar in order to obtain table wine, as well as Vicotto for the local market.

Later, he was forced to abandon the production for commercial consumption due to a banning law. However, a yearly amount was still produced for home consumption and to keep the tradition going. The vineyard still owns a small Vicotto barrel of indefinite age.

In 2000, the vineyard resumed production after the acknowledgement of the Vicotto as a typical traditional product from the Marche Region. The story of this drink survives today, thanks to passion and commitment. Through the heritage of experience and current technical know-how, it is possible to produce Vicotto with the same old organoleptic characteristics so to fully enjoy the emotions offered by this drink.