“Aged” Vicotto
The amber shades from the dark tones, typical of its age, to the lighter, more seducing ones.There is a variety of Mediterranean scents: dates, dried figs, dried citrus-fruit peels, sweet spices and caramel notes. The taste is warm, sweet and greatly balanced. The endnotes have a lasting flavour of fruit and freshly ground coffee. To be served during pleasant evenings with friends.

Production method:
It differs from the young Vicotto because of its ageing process. Following the boiling and the fermentation of the must, the Vicotto is put into oak barrels where it will be kept for good and that will form the so-called “mother”, to be refilled with Vicotto made in the following years. This method has been passed on from generations to generations and it guarantees a Vicotto with traditional features, which will be bottled without filtering after some time in contact with wood so to allow it to undergo transformations and obtain the strong “personality” that only time can give it.

Alcoholic strength: 14.5%
Residual sugar: 110 gr/liter
Contents: 500 ml

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