“Young” Vicotto
This Vicotto is amber-coloured, with seducing and warm reflections of rich and lively old gold.
You can easily perceive its aromas that range from ripe yellow apricot, dried nuts to sweet spices and end notes of delicious caramel. The taste is warm, sweet, savoury, intense and with a pleasant persistence. The end notes have a flavour of liquorice.
To be served with biscuits or traditional baked sweets.

Production method:
The fresh must, made from local, well-ripe white grapes, is boiled at direct fire to increase its concentration. After cooling, it is put into stainless steel containers for its alcoholic fermentation.
Following the fermentation, it is put into oak barrels and kept there for a period ranging from 8 to 12 months.
It will be bottled only after proper filtering.

Alcoholic strength: 14%
Residual sugar: 80 gr/ liter
Contents: 750 ml

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